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We Recycle Mattresses!

We haul your old mattress!

Atlanta Mattress Disposal will remove and dispose of any old mattress in the Atlanta area. We strive to recycle or refurbish as many mattresses as possible. Atlanta Mattress Disposal will haul old mattresses, box springs, bed frames and more...

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Mattress removal of Atlanta. We dispose mattresses all over Atlanta

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Our vision is to divert as many mattresses and box springs from landfills as possible. Through recycling, refurbishment, or donation.  

AMD's vision is to divert as many mattresses from Atlanta landfills as possible. We strive to recycle, donate, or refurbish your old mattress so that others in need can use it.

Bed Bugs

If your mattress has bed bugs or you think it may have bed bugs we cannot salvage the mattress or box springs. Unfortunately, these will have to go to  the landfill. 

Bed bugs are the leading cause of why Atlanta Mattress Disposal is unable to donate or recycle a mattress
We recycle mattresses all throughout Atlanta, GA
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